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Want to create an emotional connection through films?

News Cameras

The mission:

To help people fighting inner battles to find possible answers by sharing and amplifying viewpoints, approaches, and methods through video content.

Working with businesses and nonprofits allows Monnery Films to amplify the voice of individuals and organizations who make a difference reach more people.

Interested in working together yet?

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The collaboration:

Filmmaking can have an immeasurable impact on people's mind. Here are some of the goals Monnery Films can achieve through that:

- raise awareness about your cause and educate people on the scope of the wider problem,
- give insights into what your business or organization is all about and illustrate its life-changing effects,
- help understanding the true impact of different levels of support,
- establish an emotional connection that invites viewers to join you,
- let people energized and ready to tackle your projects’ or campaigns’ challenges,
- orient and inspire fundraisers and/or sponsors to get involved.

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The commitment:

Monnery Films commits to working with professionalism and respect for everyone regardless of age, gender, sex, race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, religion, class, health or anything that is a part of someone is.

Who trusted Monnery Films:

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