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”We, as individuals, have so much power within us, we just have to choose to dig it but it’s there.“

Francesca Anastasi from Spoken Out Stories

Film Set

It is all about:

Giving people another perspective, another viewpoint to help toward a better understanding.

Monnery Films produces documentary and narrative films in hopes of inspiring change and/or sparking important conversations toward mental health, self-care, self-empowerment, empathy, love, and more.


”My relationship with forgiveness is excellent. I can forgive people so easily even though some of them hurt me so badly.“

Ladda Boonmee from An Unlearning Initiative

The road so far:

Spoken Out Stories

Spoken Out Stories is a video series about helping people who went and/or are going through what a lot of people consider as a hard experience, and don’t see a way out to move on with their life.

An Unlearning Initiative

An Unlearning Initiative is about giving people another perspective, another point of view in hopes that can help them unlearn misconceptions around mental health, self-empowerment, empathy, and love.


”Thing is that I do not care what people think about me anymore. I do care what I feel about me.“

Bidisha Bhattacharya from Spoken Out Stories

Film Set

Choose your preference:

As Monnery Films is about giving more choices to people, here are three ways you can check out some of the content:


”Most things we want in life lay beyond our comfort zone. 5 seconds could change your life.“

David Fisher from An Unlearning Initiative

Film Production

Working together:

Do you have a cause, a service, or a product you want to promote? Monnery Films can help you create an emotional connection through storytelling.

Let's work together by producing a narrative or documentary film to help you achieve your goals!


”Give yourself permission to explore what life would be like if you don’t escape it.“

Samantha Shakira Clarke from Spoken Out Stories

Public Speaker

Want to share?

We all have a story, no matter how good or bad we think it is. We can all learn from each other.

Monnery Films is ALWAYS open to sharing stories of people around the World. It would be an honor to share yours.

”People will love you because you have your autism and it's nothing to be ashamed of.“

Nate Keller from Canucks Autism Network