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”We, as individuals, have so much power within us, we just have to choose to dig it but it’s there.“

Francesca Anastasi from Spoken Out Stories

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Monnery Films collaborates with changemakers to communicate thought-provoking approaches and methods through storytelling.


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”My relationship with forgiveness is excellent. I can forgive people so easily even though some of them hurt me so badly.“

Ladda Boonmee from An Unlearning Initiative

Film Production

How Monnery Films works:



We discuss your needs, goals, and audience, to ensure Monnery Films can help you in the best way possible



This is about scripting, planning and scheduling everything so we are both ready to start filming



We film all that is needed to create the best video(s) you need for your brand



The editing part where you do not have anything to do, Monnery Films takes care of everything.


”Thing is that I do not care what people think about me anymore. I do care what I feel about me.“

Bidisha Bhattacharya from Spoken Out Stories

Film Set

Common questions:

What types of videos does Monnery Films produce?
What is the typical process for a video with Monnery Films?
Can Monnery Films create videos in different languages?
What is the typical timeline for receiving the final edited videos?
How much do Monnery Films’ services cost?
How can videos help raise brand awareness?
Where is Monnery Films available?
Does Monnery Films offer live streaming services?
Does Monnery Films handle distribution and marketing?
How do I get started with Monnery Films on my project?

”Most things we want in life lay beyond our comfort zone. 5 seconds could change your life.“

David Fisher from An Unlearning Initiative

Image by Dim Hou

A few testimonials:

David Fisher.png

David Fisher

International Public Speaker

I started working with Jeff pre Covid to film my speeches. As a public speaker, it's vital to provide great audio/video/editing for the success of my own business. I was so impressed with not only his talent and ability, but his effort to take time, ask questions, and get to know me and what I wanted. Since then, I have used Jeff exclusively on all my projects because I trust him completely to provide an outstanding product. He is a clear communicator, and the only videographer I use. 

Lindsay Petrie (CAN)_4x.png

Lindsay Petrie

Marketing Director at
Canucks Autism Network

I was impressed by his professionalism, kindness, flexibility, and genuine interest in the cause. 

During the shoot, Jeff was incredibly patient and respectful and helped to create a welcoming and supportive environment for the young man being interviewed.
Jeff continued to showcase his professionalism, good communications skills, and willingness to incorporate feedback during post-production. It is clear that he has a passion for creating meaningful stories. I would be delighted to work with him again.

Ladda picture-01.png

Ladda Boonmee

Public Speaker, Life Coach

Jeff is very professional and responsible. He always thinks about the value that he can give to others first. I love working with Jeff because he always makes sure that I will get exactly what I want. He is so genuine, authentic and very funny. I am so satisfied with all his work and his professionalism. He has the big vision to make a difference in the world so he absolutely works with his heart. I always go to Jeff if I need some help with my work because I know that I can trust him. He always provides me more value beyond my expectation.


”Give yourself permission to explore what life would be like if you don’t escape it.“

Samantha Shakira Clarke from Spoken Out Stories

Image by Imansyah Muhamad Putera

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