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The vision: inspire change, spark conversations

Film Production

At the core:

Created in 2019, Monnery Films believes in the power of filmmaking to inspire change and/or spark important conversations toward personal growth and development.
Monnery Films is dedicated to producing narrative and documentary films that share meaningful stories, perspectives and viewpoints, and create an emotional connection between the viewer and specific organizations or causes.

Finding solutions to a problem, and finding answers are two different things.

You cannot confront your issues without knowing what they are. You cannot overcome your obstacles without understanding their existence in the first place.

That is what Monnery Films is all about: offering viewpoints, perspectives and experiences through films so people can find answers to their inner battles before they can find a solution to fight them.

It is about creating starting points to those going through hardships and point them toward a direction that is right for them at the moment.

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Behind Monnery Films:

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Jean-François 'Jeff' Monnery (he/him) is a videographer, documentarian, beginner director and writer, and Monnery Films' founder.
After coming to Canada from France, Jeff wanted to start a career in filmmaking in hopes of inspiring people to make positives changes toward self-empowerment, empathy, love, and more.
Today, he creates impactful projects aligned with Monnery Films' mission in order to help others toward a better understanding.

Camera Crew

What matters:

Daryl Davis, musician/author/lecturer/anti-racism activist, says: “Ignorance breeds fear. If we don't keep that fear in check, in turn, it will breed hatred because we hate those things that frighten us. If we do not keep that hatred in check, that hatred will breed destruction, we want to destroy the things that we hate.”

What Monnery Films is trying to achieve is ensuring that ‘ignorance’ actually becomes ‘understanding’, ‘awareness’, and/or ‘self-awareness’, so that it can breed, in turn, ‘confidence’ and/or ‘self-confidence’. We believe in ourselves and the things we understand and know. That ‘confidence’ can then breed ‘love’, and that ‘love’ can create anything.

Who trusted Monnery Films:

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