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”People will love you because you have your autism and it's nothing to be ashamed of.“

Nate Keller from Canucks Autism Network

Film Production


Inspire positive change and spark conversations on mental health, self-love, empathy, connection, and more.


Collaborate with people and organizations with a similar vision to share methods, approaches, viewpoints and perspectives through engaging videos.

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"From here on out, I'm gonna be my own best friend, I'm going to love me, and it's not selfish to do that."

Maureen Scanlon from her Speaker Demo Reel

"This is about understanding our uniqueness and how to move forward"

– Jean-François 'Jeff' Monnery (he/him), Monnery Films' founder

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Bonjour! I'm Jeff Monnery, a videographer and self-discovery enthusiast who swapped croissants for Canadian winters when I landed in Vancouver back in 2016. Monnery Films isn't just a video production business—it's my canvas for connecting, creating, and capturing stories that matter.

My journey of self-awareness paralleled my mission to craft and share relatable cinematic tales. As I navigated my own path, I realized the power of understanding oneself. Monnery Films became more than a venture—it's a bridge to helping people grasp their inner narratives.

In collaboration with professionals in the mental health, healthcare, and self-development sectors, I utilize the art of videography to weave a touch of enchantment into brand awareness efforts while delving deep into the core of each narrative. And though our subjects often deal with weighty matters, I believe in infusing a sense of authenticity and humanity to the process—striking a delicate balance between gravity and genuine connection.

With Monnery Films, it's not just lights, camera, action. It's lights, camera, connection. Let's explore and uncover, one frame at a time.

Merci for joining my cinematic journey.

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"When you try to change something, you have to actually first understand it, then you can change it."

Samantha Shakira Clarke from Monnery Films' Mindfulness Series

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