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An Unlearning Initiative

The project:

An Unlearning Initiative is an interview series of people sharing their experience and expertise on various topics around mental health, self-empowerment, empathy, and love. It is about giving others diverse perspectives from around the World to help unlearn misconceptions and enlighten people toward a better understanding of what is around them.
For now, An Unlearning Initiative has only posted readable interviews. It is one of Monnery Films' goals to ensure that this project can actually be watched and listened on multiple streaming platforms to offer different choices of consumption.

Video Personality

The people:

An Unlearning Initiative is proud and honored to have interviewed these inspiring people. Click on their picture to check them out!

David Fisher

Calan Breckon

Samantha Shakira Clarke

Sibusiso Nkosi

Reka Robinson

Avalaura Gaither

Michelle Hurlburt

Ladda Boonmee

Jordan Gruenhage

Maureen Scanlon

Rida Bakhsh

Tracy Seed

Get involved!

Would you like to participate and be interviewed by Monnery Films for An Unlearning Initiative? We all have something to share with the World, a perspective, a point of view that is unique. If you would be interested in being a part of this project, contact us, Monnery Films would be honored to help you share your experience and expertise to the World.

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